Saturday, 17 September 2016


I have heard
it is good to possess grit.

Can it truly be found
outside a western,
inhabited by men
toughened by tragedy?

As a daughter of the King
can I have grit?

To persevere when all seems lost,
to have a stubborn spirituality
that will not take
the world's no for an answer

but continues to wrestle
until first light,
even if I do
walk away with a limp.

There is indeed an excess
of moderation
in the modern world.

A desire for loose liberty
without the safety cordons
of judgement and truth.

The world is having
an identity crisis,
but refuses therapy
denying it has a problem.

Grit is a determination
to see the truth break through
the stubbornness of lying barricades.

It will not stop
until the final whistle blows,
the trumpet has sounded,
and all is truly seen
as it really is.

Lord may I possess grit
in these darkening days.

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