Saturday, 24 December 2016

What to give at Christmas

What shall I give at Christmas?
What do my loved ones need?

They need me to be close,
and if distance separates us,
to know that my love reaches them there.

They need me to hug them,
more than once,
to feel safe
and that all will be well.

They need me to tell them
I love them,
not when I want,
but when they need to hear
those words of life and blessing.

They need me to slow down
long enough,
so I am not just a blur
at their visions edge,
but vitally present and real.

They need me to listen
to tales of favourite things,
and oft told stories
enriched by the telling.

They need me to laugh
at their jokes,
affirm what they share,
and smile with true understanding.

Most of all they need me to
reflect to them
the unconditional love, grace and mercy
I receive from my heavenly Saviour,
whose birth we remember this Christmas Day.

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