Sunday, 11 December 2016

Word Received for New Zealand 27.10.2016

I am making of you a mighty nation
and a mighty people group who will
shake the earth by the power of My Spirit.
The time of My power has come
and My people have made themselves ready
to be clothed in My power and to walk in it without harm.
Heal the sick, raise the dead, drive out demons.
Demonstrate to an unbelieving world that My Kingdom
is indeed at hand for those with eyes to see.
Rise up in the knowledge of who you are as sons
and daughters of the King and stand steadfastly
in the battle.
You will see the powers of darkness overturned
in a greater way than ever before.
My Spirit in you will accomplish these things.
It is not of the flesh so no one can boast.
I will be exalted in this day says the Lord of hosts.

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