Saturday, 31 December 2016

New Year's Day

So the year begins again.
Last year wiped away
with all its highs and lows.

Births, weddings and funerals
counted out.
Statistics to some;
great wonder, joyous celebration or deep tragedy
to others.

Successes and failures
surfacing in the melting pot of life,
to be scooped off
and observed temporarily.

Trophies placed on shelves to gather dust.
Pain and disappointment
by coping mechanisms.

Jobs gained and lost.
Friendships found and faltered.
Books read
and movies watched.

Snippets of significant conversations
lodged with vivid memories.
Thousands of others
wrapped in forgetful fog.

Goals accomplished.
Some still pending.
Dreams fulfilled
or badly broken.

Last year was full of these things.
Each year is,
and always will be
until the end of this world.

We only truly understand another's journey
when we have been touched by life in the same way.

Yet let us be there for each other,
even in our part understanding,
as this New Year is ushered in.

Let us trust the One
who gives us such
a grace filled opportunity

to see a New Year in again.

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