Saturday, 7 January 2017

Teen Party

Some were drunk before they got there.
Others arrived
with an ammunition of alcohol,
enough to take down an army.

She clutched her one drink
with wide eyes,
watching the others
staggering and slurring
around her,
oblivious to her sobriety
and lack of peace.

She willed away the hours,
hoping her handsome hero
would arrive
and notice her.

He did arrive
on the arm of another,
and she cast
downward eyes.

Something kept her there.
The hero had smiled,
and his smile had glued her
to the ground,
unable to walk away.

He looked at her again.
Her resistance melted,
she was his for the taking.

He moved towards her,
and the palest blue of his eyes
suddenly seemed cold.

She felt darkness press against her,
and stepped backwards,
feeling the familiarity
of the wallpaper pattern
with her outstretched palms.

Good to see you,
he said with thick sweet breath.
She turned her head
so his lips collided with her cheek.

With acrobatic agility
she extracted herself
from the moral conundrum,
and fled from the party
to return safely home
to her bed.

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