Saturday, 21 January 2017

Begin Again

When life has
stacked its circumstances
against you
so insurmountably high
that you can't see anything beyond
begin again.

When disappointment
has rubbed rough salt
into your former wounds
so that you wince
from the pressure of invisible pain
begin again.

When discouragement
has removed the mat
from under you
and the floor
and left you sprawled on hard dry dirt
begin again.

When the vision
that burned beacon bright
has dimmed
to dull intermittent glow
begin again.

When your spirit
aches for even
a drop of living water
to ease the torment of desert thirst within
begin again.

Nothing is beyond you.
No dream, vision or plan
now dropped or discarded
is truly dead,
if only you can find the courage to
begin again.

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