Saturday, 14 January 2017


My enemy drops
words of hatred,
sinking lead weighted
into my soul,
ready to be hooked up
into my conscious thoughts
at a moments notice.

Left long enough
not dealt with,
their toxicity spreads
its poison,
and the diseased seeds
unnaturally spring
forth new and bitter growth.

The cruel words spoken to me
are spewed from a churning pit
of fear and pain,
entrenched by years
of practiced unforgiveness.

There is no sign of compassion,
grace and mercy
that marks humanities restoration
towards original intention.

Instead the broken and scarred outworking
of sin,
left unchecked
to run its violent course.

My response if undisciplined
is judgement and contempt,
but I try to tread a different path.

My heavenly Father
bids me that I would become like Him,
and bless those who curse me,
and pray for those
who spitefully use me.

I choose to do this
not because it is easy,
but knowing if I don't,
my face will reflect my enemies
and my heart turn out the same.

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