Thursday, 29 March 2012

I wonder what he will look like

 I wonder what he will look like
 the Antichrist.
Obviously no horns,
 that would be way too unsubtle.
 Tall or short,
 dark haired or fair,
 stocky or slim.
 Will he be gently spoken or a stirring orator.
 Will he be ever so handsome,
  or merely striking enough to command the attention of the masses.
 Will he be able to sing and dance.
 Will he have the common touch, being able to kiss
  a baby on the head in the street without seeming cheesy.
  Will he laugh and love and have a family who truly cares for him.
  Will he be a peacemaker on the earth,
  one who can bring seeming solutions to mankind's problems.
  Will he be respected by world leadership
  a man for our times.
  One who can make a positive difference to the global financial crisis.
  Will we fall for his deception.
  Will we know him when he appears.

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