Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Word received November 2011

Do not be dismayed when you see the signs of my Kingdom coming,
 but rejoice for you know that your redemption is near.
 Darkness will increase but it will not triumph
 for My Spirit will rule in this day to hold back the forces of evil
 that would try to destroy my people through the world.
 Be bold and do not be afraid of persecution,
 for it will come.
 But my grace and favour will be stronger,
 and I will uphold you in this time.
 Kings and princes will tremble but my people will rest secure.
 When you see the signs know that the time of this being fulfilled is near.
 Do not wait, do not put off till tomorrow what you can accomplish today,
 for tomorrow will never come according to your hearts desires.
 There is a season now for fruitfulness in the kingdom
 so do not be slack in your heart or your hand.
 But labour in the harvest fields for they are white, says the Lord.

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