Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Peace Without Measure

 Peace without measure
 do I give you
 My peace I leave with you
 not as the world gives
 do I give
 for they give and take it back
 scorning the one for being afraid
 yet fearing themselves.
 Perfect love casts out fear.

 My love I give to you
 not as the world gives
 for that has become corrupt,
 and is no longer recognizable as love.

 My hope I leave with you,
 not as the world gives
 on the night the lottery is drawn.
 You could be a millionaire tomorrow,
 with all that means
 or doesn't mean.

 My grace I leave with you
 and the world does not even understand
 so you must learn about it through my Word.
 My peace, my love, my hope, my grace
 I leave with you
 because in this world
 you will need it.

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