Saturday, 26 November 2016

Don't Judge Me

Don't judge me for my height
the cut of my clothes
the size of my head
or the length of my nose.

Don't judge me for the shade of my skin
the place of my birth
the weight of my form
or the size of my girth.

Don't judge me for the speed of my mind
or my last school report
the way I say things
or the disease that I caught.

Don't judge me for the money I have
or the money I've squandered
the area I call home
or the places I've wandered.

Don't judge me for my lack of respect
or the way I treat others
the bad language I use
or the crimes of my brothers.

Don't judge me for not knowing better
or for getting it wrong
for despairing of life
or for not coming along.

Don't judge me
but help me
for I need you to see
I'm too precious to judge

God's love isn't just for you
God's love is for me.

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