Saturday, 5 November 2016


I will never forgive that person,
for what they have done to me,
the things they said
the things they did
no, I will never forgive them you see.

I will take this big jug of poison,
and drink its very last drop,
it's label reads
it's power is to make my enemies life stop.

They deserve to have all my hatred,
and venom and censure too,
I will spread abroad
to all I know,
how incredibly unpleasant they grew.

I'll be lifted up before others,
and all will see I am right,
and if they don't
I'll reject them too,
until soon all of them will feel my bite.

Myself I will choose isolation,
to stop it happening more,
others are fools
you can't trust them,
or even let them back in through the door.

I think it is better to attack,
before others get their chance,
I'll be unkind
I'll be so mean,
and invite others to this same horrid dance.

My enemy has tried to approach,
say sorry and make things right,
they offer peace
I'm not willing,
so all I will answer is that I might.

But I choose to remain unyielding,
it seems much better this way,
and although I
do not have friends,
I choose to stay unforgiving today.

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