Saturday, 19 November 2016

Truly Heard

Someone tries to see
into your soul,
but you stop them
at the door,
unwilling to share
your treasured thoughts.

Is it that you
do not
trust them
to hear?

Instead you make small talk
skirting around the edges
of issues important.

Still reluctant
to show strength of feeling
in case an apathetic answer
arrests your enthusiasm,
and you feel the subtle slap
caused by careless listening.

You do not want
your precious pearls
to drop into the dust
to be trampled.

So you wait
with each pearl firmly clasped,
until you find another
who will give you time.

It is said
that being truly heard
is so close
to being truly loved
most of us
cannot tell the difference.

You have not yet spoken
all that is in your heart.
I pray one day when you do,
you will be truly heard.

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