Saturday, 12 November 2016

Restless Minds

Restless minds
skipping through thoughts
as stones skimmed on a river in flood,
heavy with expectation
delivering rain drop
cargoes in constant cycles.

So many rain drops
making up those rivers of thought,
that ebb and flow
between our consciousness
and unconsciousness,

delivering urgent memories
and bulging trivia,

thousands of images
seen and heard daily,

recorded, sorted, and filed
in the distracted recesses of our overloaded minds.

We are trapped in the revolving repetition
of our far too busy lives,
struggling to slow down long enough
to even see the flowers,
let alone smell them.

We seek restoration and renewal
in visions that drain
and do not edify.

They suck our souls southwards,
into lands of troubled thoughts,
and triggering temptations that cannot lead to life.

We must still our restless minds
before we miss the Truth,
and are overcome by lies.

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